Global Baseline

Global Baseline

Success Stories

Global expansion and technology advancements created a situation where the client’s Yardi environment had grown from five regional U.S. databases to 22 global databases in varying versions of the program. Each database was maintained independently of the others with unique security environments, accounts and options, menu sets and report functionality.

The challenges

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Update all databases to the latest Yardi product and reflect a consistent global

Incorporate significant new functionality including the use of contacts, attachments, critical dates and notifications.

Address all necessary data gathering, validation, cleansing and conversion

Support and train thousands of users through the transition.

The 33 Floors Solution

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Reviewed setup of all existing databases and reviewed new functionality available.

Defined a global baseline addressing the needs of the disparate client base.

Oversaw conversion of 35,000 leases to a new data structure

Produced material and classes to train 3,500 users around the world.

The Benefits

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The single platform streamlined everything from database administration and change management to user training and report development.

Enabled a reduction in staff needed for administration, report development and company operations.

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