We are experts in the implementation of the Yardi platform, and their many products and tie-ins.

Voyager 7s

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Yardi Voyager™ is Yardi’s flagship SaaS solution designed to address the needs of all types of real estate enterprises including both commercial and residential operations. We specialize in both the implementation of new Voyager 7s systems, as well as upgrades to the 7s line.

Yardi PAYscan™

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Lower costs and reduce approval times with Yardi’s PAYscan™ invoice management system. With PAYscan, paper invoices are converted into Voyager electronic transactions that can then be paid via EFT or check. Invoices are viewable in a central repository which reduces storage needs and the possibility of lost invoices. We regularly install PAYscan with Voyager implementations. From workflow design and documentation, to training and final transition to your paperless AP system, we have in-depth expertise.

Yardi Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting

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Yardi Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting provides commercial real estate enterprises a robust tool for modeling financial projections while eliminating the need for import/export to niche financial programs. If you are ready to take your firm to the next level of budget and forecast planning, we can plan an installation of the Yardi Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting module that benefits your unique firm.

Delivering intelligent database design, configuration and documentation structured to meet your specifications and needs.

We implement not only Yardi Voyager®, but also its many tie-ins and enhancements including PAYscan™, Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting, Commercial Café/ Rent Café™, Investment Management, Advanced Maintenance™ and more.

To make the most out of your Yardi investment, we emphasize business process management and reliance on the system to do the majority of the work. Beginning with a thorough review of your business needs, we will guide your team through all steps of the Yardi implementation process. We’ll develop an implementation plan, build out budgets and timelines, and handle all necessary data conversion, installation, testing and training.

Every installation is customizable.

Security measures are focused on intelligent internal controls and change management. System menus are designed around your teams’ workflows and user needs. Innovative dashboards and reports deliver business intelligence to enhance your bottom line.

The decision to implement a complex platform such as Yardi is not made lightly.

It’s a significant investment and a challenging undertaking. We stand ready to make the process as painless as possible, so that your team can quickly get underway and take advantage of all the benefits the Yardi suite of products has to offer.
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A single platform, a global baseline, streamlined operations.
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Are you maximizing your Yardi investment?

We offer a Yardi Operational Review, or YOR, to provide a high-level analysis of key items and functionality in Yardi Voyager. The report provides details such as system configuration, user license breakdown, PAYScan set-up, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Efficiency, an overview of Transactions by count and value, as well as specific insights into current system configuration.

Along with the Yardi Operational Review, we include a tailored recommendation on specific areas which could benefit from a deeper review, as well as suggestions around functionality. All of this can be utilized by you and your team to prioritize changes to your configuration and to align with the best practices we recommend.

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Enhanced controls

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Improved workflow, SaaS compliance, security and internal control features.

Enhanced navigational features

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Improved menu sets, search and history tracking combine to get users to the right place quickly.

Broader browser support

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Expanded browser and device support and single web share access to modules.

Upgraded reporting tools

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Conversion from Crystal Reports to the more robust SSRS report format.

We take the pain out of upgrading to Voyager® 7s

The thought of upgrading your Voyager installation — a program central to your entire business — can be understandably daunting. We are here to streamline this process by providing an upgrade plan that will move your firm into the next-generation Voyager product with minimal disruption to your ongoing business. Data migration, module support and training needs are expertly handled to deliver a seamless upgrade experience for your team.

Experience a custom end-to-end implementation


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Whether onboarding new employees or launching a new installation, module or upgrade, we employ a variety of Yardi training solutions and strategies to meet your needs. Our instructors are available to train onsite via live classroom sessions. We also offer web-based training, custom screen capture videos, or one-on-one sessions. In other words, training is specific to your particular Yardi configuration, business processes, and preferences.

We are also a leader in implementing and authoring content within Yardi’s eLearning program which allows you to train, test and certify users based on role-specific guidelines or corporate policy.


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The flexibility and custom nature of Yardi software solutions mean your organization’s installation is unique. It requires specific documentation that is easily digestible and readily available after initial training efforts have left your side, site, or screen.

We deliver extensive company-branded documentation to meet your long-term needs and training plans. Information can be summarized in a short, easy “crib sheet” format, in topic- or role-driven user guides or as part of larger corporate policy and procedure manuals. Training materials are made available to your organization through a number of portals including our web-based support center (linked to your Yardi installation), posted to your intranet site, made accessible from within Voyager, or simply delivered to you in document format (allows your ongoing edits).

Providing customized education, support and documentation services to ensure that your team is well-equipped, effective and supported.

Our philosophy of delivering highly customized solutions shines by treating every organization as a unique entity, because no single Yardi training and documentation process works for every firm. By assessing your team’s specific needs, we are able to build a logical plan of action from our analysis and deploy the approach best suited to your firm.

Our emphasis is on highly effective hands-on training, support and documentation solutions that are easily accessible, client-specific and well-written. We strive to keep your team knowledgeable and productive because, at the end of the day, your Yardi solutions are only as successful as the employees who use them.

Want a preview?

Check out The 33Floors Approach to Training Yardi Users

Our team helps clients around the world get more from their Yardi package through comprehensive, tailored training programs.
Sample Yardi Training
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Implementation, customized for your business.


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In today’s financial climate, compliance and internal controls are more important than ever. We work with you to delineate the policies, procedures and compliance needs of your business, then implement a plan to ensure adherence to those specifications. Separation of duties — whether for regulated compliance needs or simply for better internal controls — ensures maximum safety against fraud or mis-management.

Security and menu audit

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Our experience working in large scale, highly distributed computing environments has enabled us to design elegant, streamlined, role-based controls that lead to a more productive and pleasant experience for users. From menu and role creation to updates and modifications, we ensure that each individual’s access to the database is determined by clearly defined business needs.

Performance monitoring

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We provide identification, tracking, and reporting on key performance indicators such as transactional volumes, staff efficiency, timely processing and more. We use these factors to write intelligent queries to track, monitor and control data volume and integrity — from user base and compliance to policies and procedures. From the data gathered, we can tune key reports, diagnose and resolve bottlenecks in processing, and identify needed training areas.

We start by getting to know your business.

We’ll perform a system analysis to understand your current and future business needs, then examine your system setup and its ability to meet those needs. After the initial review, we provide detailed recommendations for improvements. Once we have buy-in from your organization’s stakeholders, we deploy the recommended approach and changes.

Your Yardi environment should adapt and grow to meet your company’s needs.

Our strength lies in our knowledge of the Yardi database coupled with our understanding of the real estate and property management business. As portfolios expand, as technology improves, and as Yardi adds product lines and functionality, we work with you to assure your system is functioning optimally.

Optimizations and enhancements that keep your installation adaptable.

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