See data differently.™

Our businesses swirl with data, but without robust analytics, offer us little in the way of insight. We aim to change that for our clients.

Using business science analytical tools like artificial intelligence and machine learning, paired with the know-how of our data science team, we can be your partner in giving you clarity, context, and insight to any data around your business.

Our data science team is dedicated to making data actionable.

We are motivated by making sense of large amounts of unstructured or complicated data and providing it to you in easily consumable, analysis-ready schemas. We leverage technology to give you the control to see your data differently; to gain insight, perspective, and context,and to open the door to practical, data-driven decision making.

I want to access my data, in a way I can consume it – automatically.

– David Burberry, 33Floors
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Want deeper insight? Meet DataFreedom®

DataFreedom® is our response to recognizing the deep value of data-driven decision making and providing our clients with the tools needed to have that freedom. We specialize in normalizing data from multiple sources, providing a comprehensive solution to customize data for synthesis, and delivering analysis ready schemas, ready for the best analysis tools in the industry.

Whether you have a team of analysts ready to utilize the data, or a team you’d like us to collaborate with or train, we are ready to support you through hand-off, team training, or full service partnerships.

We take our work a step further and integrate the multidisciplinary practices of data visualization into our trainings and dashboards. Marrying design, psychology, and user experience disciplines, we are able to deliver practical, easily digestible visuals that give you the freedom for swift reference or action.



First, we automate bringing all of your data sources together in a single secure private cloud.


Next, we organize and link data together.


DataFreedom® prepares analysis-ready schema for your favorite analytics tools.

Solutions for everyone.

Hand Off

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Analysis ready schema available for your team.

Team Training

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We collaborate and train your team to use best in class tools like Power BI, Tableau, Lexio, and Excel and best practices for data visualization.

Full Service

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Too busy? Need more resources? 33Floors can partner with you to be an extension of your team, delivering actionable, visualized data.

Getting started with DataFreedom®

We offer DataFreedom® as a monthly service based on the size of your database and your specific needs. We have several levels of service. Please contact our data science team to get a quote and determine how we can customize a solution for your business.
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