How to Leverage 33Floors Voyager System Health Check

Here’s a scenario we see frequently with our clients: They select Yardi because it is an amazing product with lots of features providing numerous opportunities to make process improvements throughout their organization. However, during the implementation process, their priorities get shifted from using all of the great new features to simply getting the system working. Soon they have a system that works but isn’t delivering the value it could be. Sound familiar?

This is where 33Floors can help. We have been implementing and optimizing Yardi systems for years with clients all over the world, ensuring each installation is delivering the absolute best value.

Recently our team leveraged Yardi’s rather excellent Yardi Spreadsheet Reporting (YSR) platform to create one report which shows:

  • What Yardi modules you are using and not using
  • Where bottlenecks are occurring and where opportunities for improvements exist
  • If system usage/errors are trending up or down from month to month

The best thing about the report is that it’s incredibly easy to install. With no technical deployment needed, it will start giving you valuable insights straight away.

Sample extract from the 33Floors Voyager System Health Check
Sample extract from the 33Floors Voyager System Health Check

As you can see, the report covers a lot of areas, but I’d like to highlight a few personal favorites.

Master File and Transaction Usage

Master File and Transaction Usage

These sections quickly allow you see what volume you are putting through the system each month. It also shows whether that volume is trending up or down. Clients have used this information to:

  • Identify opportunities to inactivate unneeded vendors, accounts and properties which results in a more streamlined and easier-to-use system for all.
  • Measure team efficiency from month to month.

User Groups and Licenses

User Groups and Licenses

Clients love this feature as it lets them see which users are using the system, and more importantly, which are not and may need further encouragement or training. It also shows how secure your setup is and whether you have limited your users to certain properties and accounts.

Workflow/AP/AR Efficiency

Workflow/AP/AR Efficiency

Workflows are a fantastic function in Yardi, but they can be frustrating for users if they are not set up correctly. This feature will let you see how efficiently your approval processes are working and where improvements could be made.

Also seeing how well your AP and AR teams are performing lets you compare to industry benchmarks and encourage improvement from month to month.

Hopefully this will have given you a taste of what the 33Floors System Health Check report can do for your company. If you are interested in seeing more or have any questions, please get in touch at

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