It’s only critical if it matters to me

It’s only critical if it matters to me

Success Stories

The client’s Yardi database contained an immense amount of data pertinent to property operators and accounting personnel. This included not only critical date issues like lease expirations, rent steps, mortgage payments and report responsibilities, but also data validation concerns and user activity levels. 33Floors was tasked with parsing this vast quantity of information to the appropriate end users in an efficient, convenient manner.

The challenges

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Track and report the additional requested operational and reporting due dates that currently had no built in place to be tracked in the system.

Provide timely and targeted
notifications, without frequent interruptions.

Supply better management and policy compliance information to achieve a clean audit opinion.

The 33 Floors Solution

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Identify the critical dates and issues to be included in the project.

Add a new table to identify additional property level critical dates. Include a new script to build critical dates. The script encompasses the additional table and does not ignore unaddressed prior critical dates.

Write a new Daily Issues Report to run nightly with specific issues emailed to each user. Includes critical dates such as lease and option expirations, as well as items like cash balances, aged receivable and payable balances, disbursements made and checks cleared.

Drive the new issues report via each user’s identified contact roles to ensure the right information is delivered to the right hands. For example, leasing agents receive lease date information, while financial managers receive account balances, data issues and policy violation notifications.

The Benefits

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By starting each day with a single email summarizing the pertinent issues, the users are better prepared to manage
their portfolios.

The resulting toolset helped gradually reduce an overall policy violation rate of 18.4% (of transactions) down to an average of 4.3% where it has since remained.

Minimal management involvement was needed to drive the reduction in violations. The system recorded and sent notices as designed.

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