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Our approach to reporting for Yardi products emphasizes accuracy, ease of use and consistency. The innovative combination of creative filter selections, report views and group/sort options means one report can produce multiple outputs for operational, management, finance and/or other business users.

We pride ourselves on creating functional, customized reports to enhance and streamline your business operations. With our experience and refined tools, we can enhance your ability to understand reports at all levels of your business.

Using smart reports, advanced filters, workflows, custom validation, and user- defined fields, we can optimize your Yardi experience, limit data errors, and speed up day- to- day operations.

We develop carefully crafted solutions tailored to your business needs.

Advanced filters

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Smart reports with advanced filters and multiple views are tailored to your precise business needs including the attributes, custom tables or user-defined fields that are key to your users.

Consistent reporting

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Consistent U.S. and international report bundles for both transactional and financial reporting.

Upgrades and conversions

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Upgrade and conversion of existing custom Crystal Reports into Yardi Spreadsheet Reporting (YSR) or SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) formats to provide a robust, well-performing and next-generation reporting solution.

See how 33Floors managed a case of overflowing data for operations and accounting personnel

Our team leads the development pack in YSR, finding innovative ways to meet your specific requirements in this Excel- based report solution.

Real-world examples of solutions built and successfully implemented by our team include:

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Custom Tenant Invoices

showing both the current charge and the total outstanding to give tenants a true picture of arrears

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Management Dashboards

that provide an overall graphical picture of company performance (A/R collection, workflow approvals, etc.) with ability to drill down and identify bottlenecks and issues
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Comprehensive Report Packages

for Monthly Operational Reports, Job Cost Forecasting and Advanced Budgeting and Forecasting
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that create ETLs to import data back into the system to eliminate manual entry of vendors and tenants
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Voyager Exports

export of important dates (tenant move outs, rent reviews, etc.) from Voyager to YSR to Microsoft Outlook allowing property managers to manage and schedule workload around key events

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Are you maximizing your Yardi investment?

We offer a Yardi Operational Review, or YOR, to provide a high-level analysis of key items and functionality in Yardi Voyager. The report provides details such as system configuration, user license breakdown, PAYScan set-up, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Efficiency, an overview of Transactions by count and value, as well as specific insights into current system configuration.

Along with the Yardi Operational Review, we include a tailored recommendation on specific areas which could benefit from a deeper review, as well as suggestions around functionality. All of this can be utilized by you and your team to prioritize changes to your configuration and to align with the best practices we recommend.

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