For four years, Tina Kikaj has been learning the ropes of property management software with 33Floors. Although her background is in financial management and real estate—the perfect mix for a career in asset management software—her fierce dedication to humble leadership is what truly sets her apart.

In our interview, we celebrate Tina’s recent promotion to Chief Operating Officer at 33Floors and uncover some of her secrets to remaining level-headed and balanced amidst work demands.

Grow where you are planted

When Tina began her journey with 33Floors, moving toward an executive role was something she hadn’t dreamed of. Her job focused on just one or two projects in the early days, mainly within the small UK team. She delivered projects, managed client relationships, and increased exposure to prospects—making sure she did each task with a solid plan.

“I work with a lot of passionate people, a group that cares about innovation,” she says with a smile. “I know that I bring balance and consideration to the table and delight in sticking to a plan while being flexible where necessary.”

Her flexibility and balanced approach have been an integral part of her development, never rushing to the next step in her journey. “I’ve been fortunate to have the ability to focus on doing each role well. From this, I’ve naturally grown with the company.”

And it’s her contagious devotion to stewarding her responsibilities well that encourages those around her to do the same. As Tina says, as “a facilitator of people,” it’s about cultivating a solid business by prioritizing a dynamic team.

Better together

Overseeing operations that span the globe is no easy feat. 33Floors has operations on the north and south coasts of the UK and in the United States. Despite the physical distance between offices, Tina says that team engagement has always been prominent. But you don’t just stumble into a team that values inclusivity and collaboration—it’s brought forth by those who model it.

We asked Tina about her strategy in encouraging bonds between colleagues, and her answer was simple: maintain positive relationships. “All great relationships strive to understand what the other person is saying, not just what you think you want to hear,” she says. “Make time for everybody, affording them space to share their concerns and ideas.” Tina embodies a gentle and inviting management style that makes turning away from independence and turning towards teamwork possible.

Into the future

Most companies have a vision for where they would like to be in five or ten years, but not all of them are fortunate to have leaders that work diligently to achieve while remaining adaptable. “With a five-year plan ahead of us, there are several strategies that will ensure our achievements. Even so, we can remain realistic and flexible. Maintaining a healthy business is the top priority.”

If there is one thing that Tina wants her colleagues and clients to know, it’s that she genuinely loves what she does and cares about 33Floors as if it’s her own. “It’s not about me, but about us as a business.” Tina understands that teams are made of individuals, each of which she cares for personally.

As Tina transitions into her new role as Chief Operating Officer, 33Floors wishes her the best of luck. We are honored to have her in leadership and anticipate the next five years being our best yet.

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