If you’re wondering where 33Floors is located, the answer is just about anywhere and everywhere! 33Floors spans the globe with offices in Europe (London), Australia (Sydney), and all over the US, including San Francisco, Washington DC, Charlotte, Seattle, Santa Barbara (just a few miles from Yardi’s HQ), and more. We have Yardi experts working on implementation, development, reporting, support, and training projects truly all around the globe. And as for the regions where we don’t have a physical office, we’ve likely worked with a client on-site, such as large cities in the Middle East and Asia. We love the advantage our locations bring to our clients in both the diversity of experience and resource availability. We believe in leveraging the best Yardi knowledge by building a team where proximity to our corporate office is not a consideration.

Despite our large geographical distance from each other, we maneuver around different time zones to remain a tightly-knit team. Our team members stay in touch regularly and have normal working relationships with co-workers; keeping on top of what is happening in each other’s lives and what’s going on locally, sharing new developments about work, and exchanging information about travels to see clients. We have frequent video meetings together as a staff, leveraging our favorite tools (Zoom.us and Workplace) to connect “face-to-face” throughout the day. We also very much enjoy the opportunities we get to spend time together in the same cities, such as at the YASC conferences around the world and our client kick-off events.

Clients often ask, “What does a typical day look like for a 33Floors team member?” Well, the short answer is that there is no typical day! On any given day, there may be team members working in a client’s office, an airport, a hotel room, a home office, or in one of our regional offices. Sharing our whereabouts and connecting through social media helps keep us connected as a team, even when we are far apart or traveling, from the US to Canada or even Australia to London!

Where are you located? Chances are we have a Yardi expert nearby who can help with your Yardi questions and projects. Let us know in the comments or email us at getaboveit@33floors.com.