We are highly experienced and accessible Yardi experts with global reach.

Founded in 2011 by leading real estate industry veterans, 33Floors combines the expertise of long-time Yardi platform experts. In fact, our team boasts over a century of combined Yardi software experience working for and with some of the largest real estate concerns in the world.

At our core, we are a boutique firm with global know-how. 33Floors’ experience spans more than 60 countries on five continents. This broad exposure, coupled with our dedication to custom-tailored service, is what makes 33Floors unique.

Our clients operate in the commercial and residential management markets as well as in the development, asset and investment management realms. They include small investment funds and construction management groups, privately held multi-family companies, as well as publicly traded REITs and global real estate investment corporations with billions of dollars of assets under management.

With headquarters in Santa Barbara, California, 33Floors is conveniently located less than 15 minutes from Yardi’s international headquarters. Outside of Santa Barbara, our team of experts operates out of U.S. and international locations, including San Francisco, Washington DC, London and Sydney.

We offer an array of services dedicated to maximizing your Yardi experience including:

  • Implementation and Upgrade services
  • Business Process Review services
  • Report, Data Visualization and Development services
  • Training, Documentation and Support services
“Working with 33Floors has been a very smooth project and the enthusiasm and knowledge of your team have generated a lot of excitement internally. Undertaking projects like this is always a risk, but 33Floors has minimized the risk and the project has been successful. You have a great team at 33Floors.”

Paul @ Nicola Crosby

The 33Floors team is the core of our success. Meet your Yardi systems experts.

Our team of over twenty members brings vast experience, commitment to service and creative vision to each engagement. Team members boast not only deep Yardi experience, but have also worked with real estate firms around the globe to bring you real-life understanding of your business and accounting needs. Our team is the key to our success and yours. Learn more about our Partners and Executive Team below.

Aimee Kuezi-Nke

Sales & Marketing Assistant, North Carolina, USA

Allan Doherty - 33Floors Consultant, Cork Ireland

Allan Doherty

Consultant, Cork, Ireland


Amanda Michael - 33Floors Project Manager

Amanda Michael

Project Manager, Washington DC, USA


Anthony Burre - 33Floors Consultant

Anthony Burre

Consultant, California, USA


Bob Horn - 33Floors Partner & Co-Founder

Bob Horn

Partner & Co-Founder, Washington DC, USA

Get to know Bob
Brennan de Raad - 33Floors CFO/COO

Brennan de Raad

Chief Revenue Officer, California, USA

Cameron Horn - 33Floors Consultant, North Carolina, USA

Cameron Horn

Consultant, North Carolina, USA

Chris Wilkes - 33Floors Consultant, North Carolina, USA

Chris Wilkes

Consultant, North Carolina, USA

Colin Horn - 33Floors Consultant

Colin Horn

Consultant, North Carolina, USA

Colleen Carey - 33Floors Consultant, Washington, USA

Colleen Carey

Consultant, Washington, USA

Darragh O’Keeffe - 33Floors Consultant, Cork, Ireland

Darragh O’Keeffe

Consultant, Cork, Ireland

David Burberry - 33Floors Partner & Co- Founder

David Burberry

Partner & Co-Founder, California, USA

Get to know David
Dixie Anderson - 33Floors Support Manager

Dixie Anderson

Support Manager, Texas, USA

Donald Luna - 33Floors Partner

Donald Luna

Partner, North Carolina, USA

Get to know Donald
Eleanor Ripper - 33Floors Consultant

Eleanor Ripper

Consultant, London, UK

Erin Jacobsen - 33Floors Consultant

Erin Jacobsen

Consultant, Texas, USA

Hazsaud Courtlandt - 33Floors Consultant, North Carolina, USA

Hazsaud Courtlandt

Consultant, North Carolina, USA

James Searle - 33Floors Consultant

James Searle

Consultant, California, USA

Jennifer Michaels - 33Floors Consultant, Washington DC, USA

Jennifer Michaels

Consultant, Washington DC, USA

Kelsey McCloskey - 33Floors Executive Assistant, Colorado, USA

Kelsey McCloskey

Human Resources Manager, Colorado, USA

James Searle - 33Floors Consultant

Ken Kalman

Business Relationship Manager, New York, USA

Louise Harris - 33Floors Consultant, London, UK

Louise Harris

Project Manager, London, UK

Reece Smith - 33Floors Consultant, London, UK

Reece Smith

Consultant, London, UK

Richard Oliver - 33Floors Consultant, London, UK

Richard Oliver

Consultant, London, UK

Rob McGolpin - 33Floors Consultant, London, UK

Rob McGolpin

Consultant, London, UK

Sandy Nyunt

Consultant, Washington DC, USA

Shaine Chance - 33Floors Consultant

Shaine Chance

Consultant, London, UK

Shannon Leal - 33Floors, Controller, California, USA

Shannon Leal

Controller, California, USA

Suzanne Sowden - 33Floors Consultant

Suzanne Sowden

Consultant, Sydney, Australia

Get to know Suzanne
Tina Kikaj - 33Floors UK Director

Tina Kikaj

Chief Operations Officer, London, UK

Get to know Tina
Walker Odell - 33Floors Consultant, California, USA

Walker Odell

Consultant, California, USA

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