33Floors provides the system analysis and optimization you need to ensure your Yardi installation is functioning optimally and delivering maximum ROI for your business.

33Floors’ strength lies in our knowledge of the Yardi database coupled with our understanding of the real estate and property management business. Your Yardi environment needs to adapt and grow to meet your company’s needs. As portfolios expand, as technology improves, and as Yardi adds product lines and functionality, 33Floors will work with you to assure your system is functioning optimally.

We start by getting to know your business. We’ll perform a system analysis to understand your current and future business needs, then examine your system setup and its ability to meet those needs. After the initial review, 33Floors provides detailed recommendations for improvements. Once we have buy-in from your organization’s stakeholders, we deploy the recommended approach and changes.

Security and Menu Audit

Our experience working in large scale, highly distributed computing environments has enabled 33Floors to design elegant, streamlined, role-based controls that lead to a more productive and pleasant experience for users. From menu and role creation to updates and modifications, we ensure that each individual’s access to the database is determined by clearly defined business needs.


In today’s financial climate, compliance and internal controls are more important than ever. 33Floors works with you to delineate the policies, procedures and compliance needs of your business, then implement a plan to ensure adherence to those specifications. Separation of duties—whether for regulated compliance needs or simply for better internal controls—ensures maximum safety against fraud or mis-management.

Performance Monitoring

We provide identification, tracking and reporting on key performance indicators such as transactional volumes, staff efficiency, timely processing and more. We use these factors to write intelligent queries to track, monitor and control data volume and integrity—from user base and compliance to policies and procedures. From the data gathered, we can tune key reports, diagnose and resolve bottlenecks in processing, and identify needed training areas.

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