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Are you maximizing your Yardi investment?

Are your Yardi workflows in line
with your internal business processes?

Can you enhance your business
process with standard functionality already available to you?

How long does it take your team
to process and pay an invoice from a vendor?

How efficient
is your Accounts Receivable collection process?

33Floors offers a Yardi Operational Review, or YOR, to provide a high-level analysis of key items and functionality in Yardi Voyager. The report provides details such as system configuration, user license breakdown, PAYScan set-up, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Efficiency, an overview of Transactions by count and value, as well as specific insights into current system configuration.

Along with the Yardi Operational Review, 33Floors includes a tailored recommendation on specific areas which could benefit from a deeper review, as well as suggestions around functionality. All of this can be utilized by you and your team to prioritize changes to your configuration and to align with the best practices recommended by 33Floors.

Price: $999 (USD)

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    YOR – Yardi Operational Review

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