Upgrading to Voyager® 7s can be daunting. 33Floors is here to help.

The thought of upgrading your Voyager installation—a program central to your entire business—can be understandably daunting. 33Floors is here to streamline this process by providing an upgrade plan that will move your firm into the next-generation Voyager product with minimal disruption to your ongoing business. Data migration, module support and training needs are expertly handled to deliver a seamless upgrade experience for your team.

Voyager 7s is Yardi’s most advanced property management platform to date. It works across devices and browsers to provide your firm access to the right tools and data—anywhere, anytime.

Yardi has announced that all future enhancements and major programming changes will be made only to the 7s line of programs; previous versions (including 6.0) will be maintained to address critical bug fixes only. While 33Floors will continue to support earlier Yardi versions, we are also ready to help with your upgrade when it makes business sense for you.

33Floors is a leader in Yardi Implementation and upgrade services. With nearly a century of combined platform experience, our team stands ready to lead you through your Voyager 7s upgrade.

Enhanced navigational features.

Improved menu sets, search and history tracking combine to get users to the right place quickly.

Broader browser support.

Expanded browser and device support and single web share access to modules.

Enhanced controls.

Improved workflow, SaaS compliance, security and internal control features.

Upgraded reporting tools.

Conversion from Crystal Reports to the more robust SSRS report format.

“33Floors is often referred to as one of the best and, after working with them on very demanding and challenging projects, they continuously reinforced this label. They have a passion for projects and Client success that is unwavering. And, quite honestly, unmatched. I demand vendor partners deliver superior quality, be responsive, challenge the status quo, and innovate. This is instinctively how 33Floors delivers excellence to Clients.”

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